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How It Works

Buy and Sell Direct

Thamardaw is a health marketplace, we connect medical buyers and sellers over the internet. We also offer a range of other apps to enable the ecosystem in areas like communication and bookings.

Deal direct with leading health businesses with Thamardaw, we make it simple.

To participate you need a device with internet access like your mobile phone or a tablet, laptop or personal computer. You also need proof of identity and sometimes additional credentials from regulators for some roles.

Orchestration not Competition

Thamardaw is a digital transformation platform, we orchestrate the industry using technology and unique information based services. We typically do not buy or sell or handle physical products and we do not strategically compete with market participants.

Our vision is to make the Myanmar national market one of the most efficient and effective at improving the lives of our people by enabling existing participants to operate with the benefit of strategic insight on price, product quality, availability, inventory, locations, liquidity, participant performance and much more.

For example, we do not typically –

  • Hold inventory (but we know who does and where it is)
  • Do deliveries (but we know who is buying and selling and where they are and when they need it and the best prices, quality and delivery times)
  • Physically design, manufacturer or manage products (but we know who does and we track thousands of product types and depending on the day potentially millions of items).

Our tools enable existing industry participants to connect and work together to speed up value creation between everyone in the industry ecosystem including –

  • Manufacturers
  • Importers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Specialists
  • end consumers

Deep Specialisation

Thamardaw is a specialist from the medical industry initially helping business to business orchestration of buyers and sellers of over the counter and prescription medicine but now our product range is being systematically expanded to orchestration movement information between regulated counterparties including products and services –

Product categories on the marketplace –

  • Prescription Medicines
  • Specialist Pathology Services
  • Over The Counter (OTC) Medicine
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Care Equipment
  • Health and Well Being
  • Specialist Veterinarian Supplies
  • Educational Supply

Services to enable the core orchestration, value creation, confidence and liquidity on the marketplace-

  • Price Optimisation
  • Delivery Optimisation
  • Financial Services Products referral
  • Insurance Products referral
  • Group Buying
  • Contract Standardisation
  • Inventory Management
  • Service/Product Quality Benchmarking