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Building the marketplace of marketplaces around independent pharmacies and clinics is a marketplace that helps in the e-procurement & logistics process of thousands of Independent Pharmacies and Clinics in Myanmar today.

As digital transformation is a key process in helping Independent Clinics and Pharmacies to be able to improve the scope and scale of their exsiting products & services faster, is planning to implement the following additional on-demand marketplaces on top of the existing collection of thousands of medicine and health-related product merchandise

  1. Free Volunteer-based marketplace
  2. Software house marketplace (freelance and professional software development firms)
  3. Training and consultation marketplace ( academy initiative)
  4. App collection in the form of an App store for pharmacies & clinic (Featuring SAAS)
  5. General on-demand services
    1. Data entry
    2. Renovation (by collaborating with Zeddite)
    3. Health Related Content creation/translation/data entry 

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