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These are the terms and conditions of use for the Thamardaw Health Market service for buyers and sellers. Buy registering or using this service you agree to these terms.

We will keep your business information private but we may use it for analysis and share anonymous summary data with commercial partners.

If you make a sale on this platform you agree to provide the products at the price offered for sale.

If you make a purchase on this platform as a buyer you agree to pay for the products you have ordered.

Commercial pricing on this platform may not be shared.

If you list a product for sale on this platform you must be able to meet the price and quantity offered within a normal sales timeframe for the industry, this is typically 48 hours (two working days).

Payments for goods may vary between parties at their mutual written agreement but otherwise it must be paid on receipt of goods or before receipt of goods.

There are extensive health regulations in the industry, you agree to comply with any and all legal requirements and to use all reasonable measures to help Thamardaw also comply including provision of your identity papers and commercial business registration papers and licence/s.

We will endeavour to provide multiple language support where ever possible but these terms are final and enforced in English in the jurisdiction of Myanmar or Singapore at our choosing.

If you have any queries about these terms please contact us.

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